He won $500,000… because he was sheltering from the rain

Our mums always used to tell us to get under shelter when it rains – and it looks like they may have had a point! Join us as we tell the incredible tale of a lotto winner who won half a million, just because he was sheltering from the rain.

A lottery player from Hamilton, New Zealand won a Lotto First Division prize worth $500,000 NZ dollars in a Wednesday night draw, all thanks to an April shower. The winner, a male player who has chosen to remain anonymous, explained how he bought his winning ticket after diving back into the supermarket to shelter from a rainstorm:

“I’d just finished the grocery shopping and it started bucketing down. There was no way I wanted to go out in that, so I decided to grab a Lotto ticket while I waited for the rain to pass.

“As the lady at the counter handed me the ticket I thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be a great story if this ended up being the winning ticket?’ Then the rain stopped, so I headed to the car and thought nothing more of it.

It wasn’t until Thursday that week – the day after the draw – that the Kiwi remembered he was carrying the ticket in his pocket.

“I checked the numbers and there they were, all in a line. I thought ‘there’s no way it can be that easy!’ so I checked it again and again.

“When I was pretty sure I’d won, I called my wife over and said ‘honey, we’ve won Lotto’.

“So we ended up looking the results up on MyLotto and we saw that [the store I bought my ticket from] had sold the winning ticket – that’s when [my wife] finally started to take me seriously.

“I scanned the ticket with the app and all of a sudden ‘major prize winner’ popped up on the screen.”

The ticketholder’s wife added: “That’s when he really started jumping around!”

The importance of little reminders

This happy lotto winners’ story just goes to show what a massive difference a small nudge towards buying a lottery ticket can make to a person’s life. The heavens opened over a town in New Zealand, encouraged a man to play a lotto line, and now he’s comfortably off as a result.

We should all take a cue from this success by doing more to give ourselves little nudges towards playing lotto at just the right moment.

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Why a rainy day is a clever time to buy a lottery ticket

Did you know that bad weather could help you win a bigger lottery prize!? When severe weather conditions occur, people are more likely to stay inside, which pushes lottery ticket sales down.

That’s good for the players who do buy tickets, as it means they are likelier to win a bigger prize share if they hit the jackpot or another major prize combination. The less people there are in the draw, the smaller the chance that you’ll have to share the prize pool if you win.

PlayEuroLotto players can buy their lottery tickets from the comfort of their homes, online. However, this doesn’t mean to say our members can’t take advantage of tactical lotto betting based on the weather. For example, if you hear that a storm is happenning in Germany, you might consider buying a ticket for Lotto 6/49, as your chance of winning an entire jackpot will be higher than usual. The same applies to some extent with Powerball and MegaMillions in the United States – though the greater the geographical area, the less significant the effect of this craft lotto tip will be.