The World’s Unluckiest Lottery Winners

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They just kept being read out. You thought your luck had peaked at three balls, netting you a sweet 10 Euro, but then came the fourth, the fifth. You sat there, gobsmacked, as the lucky stars, picked out of feelings of necessity rather than an expectation of winning, were read out by the relentlessly cheerful TV host. As you inspected the numbers again and again, eyes widening, the realisation exerting itself on your now beaming face, you realise; you’ve won!

World’s Unluckiest Lottery Winners

It’s the same dream that’s torn its way through the minds of every lottery player. Imagine that you did win. Would you submit to all of your most fanciful visions of profligacy? Or might you play it cool, taking it easy until you knew how you could sensibly hold on to your winnings? Making that lottery-based elation last is very important when you win the lottery, so here’s a little guide on how not to lose every last penny!

Don’t Leave it in Your Car

For Powerball winner Andrew ‘Jack’ Whittaker, the $315,000,000 jackpot he received was truly a curse, though one can’t help feeling it wasn’t just misfortune that led to his eventual bankruptcy. Whittaker started off on a roll, giving 10% of his winnings to charity and presenting the cashier who had sold him the ticket with a house, a truck, and $50,000 cash. Things degenerated quickly, however. In 2003, thieves in West Virginia stole $545,000 from his car. Once again, in 2004, the amount of $200,000 was, again, stolen from his car. Seriously Jack, banks exist for a reason.

Don’t Gamble it All Away

Evelyn Adams is a very lucky person – sorry – very unlucky person. Hailing from New Jersey, USA, Adams won the lottery twice; in 1985 and 1986; winning $5,400,000 in total- quite the feat I’m sure you’ll agree! Instead of investing, saving, hell – even buying some solid assets, Adams decided to travel to Atlantic City. 20 years later, Adams is penniless and living in a trailer park. Fool!

Don’t Give it All to Your Family

This point might seem a little alarmist. Indeed it is true that one’s family can provide a huge amount of support when the lottery comes a-knocking. What do you do, though, if your relationship with your family isn’t particularly positive? If the story of William ‘Bud’ Post is anything to go by, be afraid. Post won $16,200,000 immediately set upon by litigious ex-girlfriends, a hitman-hiring brother, and siblings whose greed and manipulation left Bud $1,000,000 in debt and living off of social security cheques. He also made the mistake to invest in a number of failing start-ups.