World’s Weirdest Lotto Stories

Take millions of ordinary people, add millions of euros, and there you have a recipe for madness. Don’t believe us? We suggest you read on. We’ve put together what we believe could well be the world’s weirdest lotto stories on the planet – guaranteed to raise your eyebrows!

Forgetfulness can sometimes pay off

Let’s start with a happy tale…

Brit Derek Ladner was over the moon when he found out he’d matched six numbers correctly in the UK Lotto midweek draw – a jackpot match!

Derek had won a share of the £2,395,710 jackpot, but he must have been ever-so-slightly disappointed to discover that four other tickets had got all six numbers right too. His share was cut down to £479,142… or so it seemed.

But luckily for Derek, he wasn’t counting on another factor that was working in his favour: his own forgetfulness!

Source: Daily Mail

The 57-year-old had accidentally bought two tickets with the same numbers for the draw, which meant he owned two out of five shares in the jackpot. As a result, his total prize was £958,284 – far closer to the jackpot total.

UK Lotto operators Camelot revealed that this freak event in 2007 was the first time a UK player had won the jackpot twice in one draw. It seems to us that buying two lines with the same numbers turned out to be a good tactic.

Derek Ladner’s position as a UK lottery player who has won twice in the same draw may be unique, but there are quite a few other players out there who have won twice or more times throughout there lives. Some of these tales are even crazier than Derek’s – especially this story about a couple who won the jackpot three times!

Money can’t buy you road safety

Here’s another oddity from the lotto news archives.

January 24th 2004 must have seemed like Carl Atwood’s lucky day. The retiree, from Elwood, Indiana, had just found out he had won $73,450 in a televised lotto game.

Mr Atwood was walking to the grocery store that evening when tragedy struck. A pickup truck knocked the poor lottery winner down as he was crossing the road, and he died in hospital shortly thereafter.

A local police chief told reporters: “It was at an unlighted intersection, and Mr Atwood had dark clothing on, so the driver did not see him before he hit him.”

Pay attention to your fortune cookies

We’ve mentioned this kooky story before, but we just had to include it for those of you who haven’t heard it already.

Whenever we order a Chinese take-away, we’re always eager to crack open our fortune cookies and read the message inside. There’s a very good reason for this: they have a proven record for predicting lottery results!

Back in 2005, a drawing of the American lottery Powerball came up with a remarkable result. 110 players scored the runner-up prize of $100,000 (or $500,000 for Power Play players) – when normally you could count the number of winners in this category on one hand. Had someone been cheating?

As a matter of fact, the reason behind the phenomenon was entirely innocent! A fortune-printing factory had unwittingly predicted 5 out of 6 winning numbers correctly on one of their mass-produced fortunes. 110 people used the numbers, and as a result they will now be able to afford Chinese takeaways for life!

Alongside the numbers, the fortune showed the message: “All the preparation you’ve done will finally pay off.” Who knew tucking into a chicken chow mein counts as preparation for striking it rich!?

Bulgaria experiences a case of déjà vu

Have you ever got the feeling that the same numbers just keep on getting called in your favourite lottery?

It certainly must have felt that way for Bulgarian lottery players back in 2009, when the Bulgarian national lottery drew exactly the same numbers in consecutive draws.

Once again, the game’s organisers suspected foul play, but in the end they decided this bizarre result was well within the realms of possibility – especially considering that the lottery had been running for over 50 years. 18 people shared the jackpot in the second draw.

Want more weirdness?

There’s far more weirdness in the world of lotteries than we have space to write about in this article.

Thankfully, we’ve written another one!

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